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The EU co-funded TIMBUS project focuses on resilient business processes. It will make the execution context, within which data is processed, analysed, transformed and rendered,  accessible over long periods. Furthermore, continued accessibility is often considered as a set of activities carried out in the isolation of a single domain. TIMBUS, however, considers the dependencies on third-party services, information and capabilities that will be necessary to validate digital information in a future usage context.

TIMBUS will deliver activities, processes and tools that ensure

  •  continued access to services and software
  •  to produce the context within which information can be accessed, properly rendered, validated and transformed into knowledge.

This approach extends traditional digital preservation approaches by introducing the need to analyse and sustain accessibility to business processes and the supporting services, and it aligns preservation actions more fully with enterprise risk management (ERM) and business continuity management (BCM).  The complexity and scale of enterprise business processes makes TIMBUS exceptionally relevant.


Volume 3, Issue 2 of the TIMBUS Newsletter is now available!

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The latest edition of the TIMBUS newsletter is now available! Issue 3.2 (May 2014) is now available to download or read on the TIMBUS website.

Inside this issue:

  • Welcome to the Tools Special Edition of the TIMBUS Newsletter!
  • Introduction to the TIMBUS Suite of Tools.TIMBUS logo
  • Intelligent Enterprise Risk Management.
  • TIMBUS Dependency Analysis Reasoning and Constraints Tool.
  • The Legalities Lifecycle Management System.
  • TIMBUS Preservation Manager Software.
  • Extracting Context from Process Data.
  • TIMBUS Redeployment Manager Software.
  • Emulation as a Means to Support the Mitigation of Risks in Large Infrastructures.
  • Introducing TIMBUS Partners: Digital Preservation Coalition.
  • Event Announcement: Digital Preservation Advanced Practitioner Training.
  • The TIMBUS Approach to Business Process Preservation.

Read the TIMBUS Newsletter online, or read the PDF here (PDF, 1.87Mb)

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Time-Series Annotation and Context Extraction Tool

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Anja Bachman (KIT)

"We are happy to announce the open source release of the Time-series Annotation and Context Extraction Tool (TACET)"


anja bachman